Termes et conditions

General Conditions of our services


General contracting conditions

On the one hand, Rocket Host Cloud, owner and responsible for the domain www.rockethost.cloud; with email address info@rockethost.cloud (hereinafter, web hosting website and domain registration, on the other hand the contractor, natural or legal person who completes the recruitment form (hereinafter, "Client") that appears on www.rockethost.cloud with the required data and with which rockethost.cloud establishes a commercial activity through this contract.


The Client knows, understands and accepts freely, after being informed of the characteristics of each service, this contract. The Client will, in any case, be the recipient of the service provided by rockethost.cloud, either for their own use or for resale if the referred service allows it.


The purpose of this contract is to regulate the conditions of the various services / accommodation plans that rockethost.cloud has developed and offers on the web www.rockethost.cloud.


Both parties, rockethost.cloud and Client, are interested in formalizing this contract accepting the terms and conditions established in the following clauses:




The conditions contained in this contract will apply to the following services / accommodation plans:


a) Domain Registration.
                                b) Hosting plans.
                                c) Reseller Plans
                                d) Dedicated Servers
                                e) VPS Servers.
                                f) Cloud Servers.

And any other service offered on the web www.rockethost.cloud.


The technical characteristics and prices of the accommodation services / plans that appear on the website www.rockethost.cloud will prevail over that contained in this contract and those that are published on the website www at any time will be considered valid. rockethost.cloud. Any change that affects the services / accommodation plans or that affects the provisions of this contract will be understood as notified, with the publication of said changes on the rockethost.cloud website www.rockethost.cloud




For the provision of the accommodation service / plan that gives rise to this contract, the client must pay in advance to rockethost.cloud the price corresponding to each service / accommodation plan determined at www.rockethost.cloud. In any case, the client, who appears as such in the file, is responsible for the payment of invoices even when a third party intervenes on behalf of the client, so the responsibility for providing the authentication data to a third party is solely and exclusively the client's. .


The amounts published on www.rockethost.cloud are subject to the corresponding taxes.


rockethost.cloud will not carry out any operation on the order until payment has been received. The payment will be considered effective when the bank confirms it.


rockethost.cloud is not responsible for problems arising from the impossibility of identifying the payment made by the customer, such as for example that the domain or order reference is not indicated, that the bank does not correctly identify it , etc


Payment will necessarily be made in euros.


The payment of the services / accommodation plans have a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or bi-annual period depending on the service, at the client's choice in the contracting form.


At this time we accept monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing, depending on the plan. If you are not satisfied within the first 15 days we will be happy to offer you a refund (For some special offers the guaranteed money back day may vary, the cost of the domain name is not refundable as well as the registration costs. services facilities.).


Dedicated servers, cloud, VPS servers, SSL certificates and domains are not eligible for any returns.


To make the Payment through PayPal, you need to register as a user of the PayPal Service Network, generating a cost of 0.35 + 3.40%. Learn more about this service at the URL: https://www.paypal.es.


rockethost.cloud will not issue invoices by ordinary mail to its clients, only invoices for the contracted service will be issued through the Client Area at the url www.rockethost.cloud. The customer will only have as proof of purchase / contract, the receipt issued by their bank when making the bank transfer to rockethost.cloud or the extract of their credit card.


The invoices of each service / plan will be issued with the Client's data that he / she provides at the time of placing the order, and this data cannot be rectified once the invoice has already been issued.


To make the direct debit charges, rockethost.cloud must accept the operation according to the client's history and if it is not a client, rockethost.cloud will study whether to accept it according to the type of product and the amount. The registration costs cannot be paid and rockethost.cloud will request your payment by Card or Transfer.


Direct debit will cost € 3 regardless of the value to be paid.


For each bank refund that occurs for reasons attributable to the client, rockethost.cloud will charge an additional fee of 6.00 euros.


All hosting accounts are billed according to the dates they were first activated. If you do not pay the renewal 2 days after expiration, your account will be suspended. If you do not pay the renewal within 15 days after expiration, your account will be automatically deleted. Delays will have an economic cost, this cost will be the one established at the time of default.


In the event that the defaulter ignores our payment notices, the respective complaint will be processed in the courts that correspond to the unpaid and the judicial costs will be added to the debt. The amount of the prices stipulated on the website www.rockethost.cloud may be subject to review by rockethost.cloud. If rockethost.cloud carries out a change in the prices of the services / accommodation plans, customers will be notified of such modification before they are affected by the variation in the next invoice issued to them, so that if not If you agree to accept said change, exercise the right to terminate this contract without having to pay any additional amount to rockethost.cloud as long as you keep your quota paid. At the end of the payment period in advance, the contract will be terminated and, therefore, it will terminate your service if it continues to not accept the new price.


The payments made to rockethost.cloud for any of the contracted services will in no case be disbursed, unless rockethost.cloud cannot provide the contracted service. The voluntary withdrawal, or disconnection by rockethost.cloud of the service / plan for breach of any of these conditions of use will not imply an outlay by rockethost.cloud.


If for any reason beyond rockethost.cloud the client pays an amount higher than that stipulated in the hiring or renewal of a certain service, the extra amount will not be disbursed in any case, leaving said amount on deposit for future hires or renovations.


This contract will enter into force on the same day of its formalization, that is to say at the moment that the client agrees to the use of his service / accommodation plan.


The contract will be tacitly extended with the payment of the following invoice, and will not be terminated as long as the client does not express by e-mail, with a minimum notice of 15 days and with the authentication instructions required by rockethost.cloud , the low of the same.




The client who has contracted a hosting service / plan with RocketHost can change to another hosting service / plan, either with characteristics, resources and applications superior to the service / plan that they already have or lower.


If the change is made to a higher plan in features, resources and applications, a credit will be generated for the amount paid and not consumed, which will be deducted from the price to be paid for the new contracted service / plan.


If the change is made to a lower plan / service in features, resources and applications, you will not be entitled to any refund, understanding that you have canceled the service originally contracted prior to its termination.


If the client exceeds the use of the resources and applications included in the services / hosting plans, he will make the payment of the resources and applications exceeded or requested according to the prices in force at the www.rockethost.cloud url.


The transfer surplus will be counted in fractions of 1GB, the client understanding that any fraction of extra GB consumed will be considered for billing purposes as full 1GB.


rockethost.cloud reserves the right to demand the deposit of a deposit to the client whose transfer exceeds the Gbytes / month allocated to the contracted accommodation service / plan. The amount of the deposit will consist of an amount equivalent to the transfer that rockethost.cloud estimates that said website will be able to reach monthly.


rockethost.cloud reserves the right to demand the deposit of a deposit to the client whose disk space exceeds the MB / month allocated to the contracted service / hosting plan. The amount of the deposit will consist of an amount equivalent to the disk space that rockethost.cloud estimates that said website may reach on a monthly basis.


The client must control the transferred flow and / or disk space consumed through the statistics that can be accessed from the corresponding control panel. rockethost.cloud reserves the right to cancel any account that having exceeded the contracted limits, the client does not agree to pay the costs incurred.



RocketHost will charge a fee of € 3 / month ("In a single one-year payment") to customers using versions of php that are no longer officially supported. You can see the unsupported versions in this URL: https://www.php.net/eol.php

This is due to the cost and risk that it costs us to have clients with outdated versions. With this measure we are able to reduce the risk for all the clients that are on our servers, forcing the other clients to use updated versions and avoiding security risks.


It will be necessary for the client to notify us when they no longer use an unsupported version to remove the add-on for billing their services. Even so, we will be reviewing our servers and if we detect that a client no longer uses said service, we will eliminate the service on our own, so that they are not invoiced again.


This cost will only be applicable to shared hosting services and never to virtual, cloud or dedicated servers, since the servers do not affect other users by having their own configuration.




In its relations with the client, rockethost.cloud must act with due diligence in the use of its commercial activity, loyally and in good faith. rockethost.cloud is committed to offering, with all the means at its disposal, the services optimally, striving so that the accommodation of the services / plans offered by rockethost.cloud can take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from in the safest possible way except for incidents that occur outside of the control of rockethost.cloud. In addition, in this sense rockethost.cloud reserves the right to temporarily interrupt the contracted service based on technical repairs and maintenance of the equipment, as well as for the improvement of the services themselves.


rockethost.cloud cannot guarantee that the availability of the services / hosting plans is continuous and uninterrupted during the period of the contract, due to the possibility of problems in the Internet network, breakdowns in server equipment and other possible unpredictable contingencies. The client agrees to bear risks and imperfections or unavailability of the servers, because the programs used are technically complex and may not have been previously tested on all the possibilities of use.


Sharing the services / hosting plans on the same machine with other services / hosting plans may cause technical problems attributable to third parties, for which rockethost.cloud is not responsible.


The client expressly waives to claim any responsibility, contractual or non-contractual, damages and losses to rockethost.cloud for possible failures, slowness or errors in the access and use of the contracted service.


Hosting services / plans are shared hosting services with other services of the same nature and resources. For this reason, rockethost.cloud reserves the right to suspend, in whole or in part, the fulfillment of the contract (not to provide the service) in the event that it notices, detects and / or verifies in its maintenance tasks an excessive consumption of memory , CPU or any other alteration that slows down the server in which it is located, in such a way that it damages or entails an impairment in the provision of the service or the rights of the clients or third parties that share the server with it. To this end, rockethost.cloud will temporarily suspend the service. This circumstance will be notified to the client so that it can proceed to solve said alteration, and if once the service has been restarted it would reoccur in such circumstance in bad faith or continuously, the service will be terminated without the right to refund any amount, for consider an abusive use of the service / hosting plan.


rockethost.cloud does not make backup copies of the content hosted in the hosting services / plans, and is not responsible for the loss or accidental deletion of the data. For all these reasons, the client is obliged to make their own backup copies or backups.


In no case rockethost.cloud accepts responsibilities derived from data loss, business interruption or any other damages caused by the operation of the services / hosting plans for not meeting these with the expectations of the client.


Access and use of the services / accommodation plans are the sole responsibility of the client, in such a way that rockethost.cloud is not responsible in any way (neither direct nor subsidiary) for any direct or indirect damage that the client could cause third parties.


rockethost.cloud is exempt from all responsibility for the consequences that the lack of operation of the client's e-mail address or of not communicating the change of address may produce, as well as for the disinformation that the client alleges due to his own negligence in keeping this data active. It is vitally important that the client has his e-mail address updated and operational, he can modify his e-mail by accessing his client area at the URL https://www.rockethost.cloud.


rockethost.cloud is not responsible:

  • Of the content hosted in the space attributed to the client by the hosting service / plan.
  • Of the errors produced by the access providers.
  • From virus contamination on their computers and / or hosted files, the protection of which is the responsibility of the client.
  • From third-party intrusions into the customer's service, even though rockethost.cloud has established reasonable protection measures.
  • From the faulty configuration by the client.
  • From equipment deterioration (customer terminals) or misuse (customer responsibility).
  • Of everything that is exclusively attributable to the client.

rockethost.cloud will offer technical assistance regarding the operation of the services / plans contracted by the client. There are technical incidents to which rockethost.cloud will not be able to provide assistance. Not offering technical support in the following cases:

  • Questions regarding the configuration and usability of services offered by third parties and those outside of rockethost.cloud. Questions regarding these services should be addressed to the service provider in question.
  • Issues related to the installation of scripts or operation of scripts installed by the client in their account. These questions should be addressed directly to the vendor or developer of the script.

Our technical team will not offer assistance regarding code modification or programming of scripts that were not created by rockethost.cloud. Even so rockethost.cloud will advise on its own initiative in the programming edition as far as initial installation is concerned, although positive results will not be guaranteed. Our support team will advise the client by recommending resources that will be of help in the final resolution of incidents that are outside the competencies of rockethost.cloud.




The client must request the cancellation of the services before the expiration date. The cancellation can only be made by the owner of the service from his client area.
                                For shared hosting services, cloud, VPS servers and dedicated servers, the client will have to access their client area and click on "Request cancellation". You can select two dates, immediate cancellation or at the end of the billing cycle. The cancellation is done automatically, without the need for intervention on our part once requested.
                                For domains, as indicated in the messages sent sufficiently in advance of the invoice generation, if you do not deactivate the auto-renewal, as soon as the invoice is generated, the domain will be renewed automatically, and it cannot be canceled nor returned the money.
                                We do not accept unsubscribe requests by any means other than the customer's own request from the private area.




The client must comply with all the terms and conditions of this contract in the exercise of his professional activity, in addition he must act loyally and in good faith.


The client must satisfy the agreed remuneration, as stated in this contract.


The use of accommodation services / plans is prohibited, contrary to good faith and, in particular, in a non-exhaustive way:

  • The use that is contrary to Spanish law or that infringes the rights of third parties.
  • The publication or transmission of any content that, in the opinion of rockethost.cloud, is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racial, xenophobic or defamatory.
  • The hosting of adult websites (pornography) is not allowed under any circumstances. Both the pornographic material is hosted or linked through dialers or any other modality.
  • Use for any subject related to child pornography or violent acts is prohibited.
  • Cracks, serial numbers of programs or any other content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • The collection and / or use of personal data of other users without their express consent or in contravention of the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data.
  • The use of the domain's mail server and email addresses for the purposes of spamming (sending unwanted bulk mail, of a commercial nature or of any other nature) as well as mail bombing (sending large messages in order to block a server).
  • The sending of more than 500 emails per day and domain is totally prohibited, regardless of the nature of the emails sent.
  • IRC Networks: It is absolutely forbidden to host an IRC server that is part of or that is connected to any other Network or IRC server. The servers that are connecting or are part of these Networks will be immediately removed from our Network without prior notice.
  • The distribution of any type of music or video without the permission of rockethost.cloud.

rockethost.cloud provides hosting plans that allow you to use CGI scripts, PHP, and other executable programs. These scripts use much more system resources than simple html pages, so certain restrictions are imposed on the use of these functionalities. Scripts must consume an acceptable amount of system resources. Scripts that use a lot of CPU cycles and a lot of RAM space should be suspended or additional fees may apply. rockethost.cloud will do its utmost to warn clients to use scripts if they consume too high a percentage of system resources, before suspending their service. However, if the scripts cause problems for other clients or consume too many resources, the service may be interrupted without prior notice. No right by the customer to any refund.


Remember: The use of applications that consume a lot of resources (phpNuke, postNuke, PhpBB ...) can lead to the immediate suspension of your account without prior notice.


The scripts should under no circumstances interact with the server configuration or material. The execution of scripts of this type may lead to the immediate cancellation of the customer account without the customer having the right to compensation or refund of any amount.


The client is warned that the abusive use (or based on incorrect programming) of MySQL and PHP (loop scripts, persistent connection, etc.) may render the operation of the web page on a shared server incompatible, and expose to the page in question to be suspended without prior notice, in order to guarantee an acceptable quality of service for all the clients of the server.


rockethost.cloud reserves the right to delete from its servers any account that does not comply with these conditions of use, without prior notice and without the customer being entitled to compensation or refund of any amount.


By contracting this service, the client agrees to:

  • Keep a backup copy of the services / hosting plans files on your own in order to replace them if necessary.
  • Monitor the transfer size and disk space in order to take the necessary actions if you consider that its increase is excessive. For this purpose, the client has the so-called "consumption tables" in the statistics system updated daily, in which the information on the flow of each day and the accumulated in the month appears. You can also have this data under the "Report" section of the Control Panel.
  • The client is obliged to keep the e-mail address provided in the contract form for communications with rockethost.cloud operational, active and updated, as it constitutes the preferred means of communication of rockethost.cloud for agile and fluent in the provision of the requested service as a result of the contractual relationship that through this contract unites them. If the e-mail address provided in the contracting form changes, the client agrees to communicate the change to rockethost.cloud within a maximum period of 5 days so that communication between both contracting parties is not interrupted. rockethost.cloud is exonerated from any responsibility for the consequences that the lack of operation of the client's e-mail address or of not communicating the change of address may produce, as well as for the disinformation that the client alleges due to his own negligence to when keeping this data active. It is vitally important that the client has their e-mail address updated and operational.

The customer is solely responsible for the use and preservation of the login and password of the control panel, customer area or any type of password that the service needs. The use of this data and communication, even to third parties, occurs under the sole responsibility of the client.


The client has full responsibility for the content of its website, the information transmitted and stored from its farms, hypertext links, third party claims and legal actions that may trigger all reference to ownership Intellectual, personality rights and protection of minors. The client is responsible for the laws and regulations in force and the rules that have to do with the operation of the online service, electronic commerce, copyrights, maintenance of public order, as well as universal principles of Internet use.                                 

The client will indemnify rockethost.cloud for the expenses that the latter may have to impute to it in any case whose responsibility was attributable to the client, including fees and expenses of the lawyers of rockethost.cloud, even in the case of a non-final judicial decision.


The client is forbidden to access, modify, view the configuration, structure and files of the rockethost.cloud servers. Any problem that may occur in the servers and security systems contracted by rockethost.cloud as a direct consequence of a negligent action by the client, the latter will be liable for the civil and criminal liability that may correspond.




The payment of the order will be made in accordance with the general payment conditions established in this contract.


rockethost.cloud will not carry out any operation for the assignment and registration of the Domain Name in your favor until payment has been received. Payment will be considered effective when the bank confirms it.


Two orders will be given preference over the same domain name to which it was paid before, regardless of the dates of the orders.


If rockethost.cloud receives two requests for the same domain name, the one paid before will be processed first.


The client assures that the information that is included in the order form relative to the ownership of the domain name, as well as those of the persons designated as technical, administrative and billing contact of the same, is true and complete. Likewise, the applicant understands and assumes that he is solely responsible for keeping this information updated.


Once the Domain Name has been assigned to the client, no modifications to the Domain Name will be accepted and the refund of the amount paid will not be accepted in any case.


The costs for registering domain names will be those set at www.rockethost.cloud at all times and for each type of domain name.


At any time, the client may request the transfer of the contracted domain to another provider or domain registration company. Not returning, in any case, the amount paid for said registration.


The client accepts the Rules and Conditions imposed by all the regulatory organizations of domain names on the Internet.


The client certifies that according to his knowledge, the use of the domain name does not affect the intellectual property rights of third parties.


The client accepts that the registration of a domain name does not confer any legal right on it.


The client accepts that he is solely responsible for the choice of this domain name and its subsequent maintenance.


The client accepts that the registration of the name is for legal purposes.


The client accepts that he is responsible for all purposes of any problem regarding the rights of use of the chosen domain name.


The client agrees to accept any possible arbitration request for the registration of a domain name.


rockethost.cloud will not act as an arbitrator for resolution of disputes between the applicant and third parties for the use of the domain name.


In the event of a conflict over the attribution of a domain name, the client agrees to follow the rules on conflict resolution established, where appropriate, by the registry responsible for the administration of the domain.                                 

rockethost.cloud will communicate by e-mail the expiration of the registration of the corresponding domain with sufficient notice. The email to which the renewal notifications are made will be the one that appears in the customer panel at the URL https://www.rockethost.cloud, it is the responsibility of the customer to keep their contact email updated. rockethost.cloud is not responsible for problems resulting from not receiving any renewal notification.


rockethost.cloud is not responsible for the impossibility of assigning the domain to the client for technical reasons, non-availability of the domain once payment has been verified or for any other reason not attributable to rockethost.cloud.


The Registrant explicitly authorizes the Registrar to act as its "Designated Agent" to approve each "Change of Registrant" on its behalf. The Registrant explicitly waives the inter-registrar transfer block 60 days after a Change of Registrant. The terms Designated Agent, Registrar Change and Transfer Block are as defined in ICANN's transfer policy




The client, as applicant for a domain name with the extension '.es', declares that:

  • Authorizes Registrar.eu Registrar Agent, authorized provider of '.es' domains of rockethost.cloud (hereinafter “the Registrar Agent”) to act on their own behalf with RED.ES (hereinafter, interchangeably, “ the Registry ”or“ the Assignment Authority ”), and to carry out all the necessary actions for the assignment and renewal of the domain name '.es' (hereinafter,“ the Domain Name ”), including the receipt of the corresponding communications.
  • Authorizes the Registrar Agent to act in whatever actions are necessary to make on his own account the payments corresponding to the assignment and renewal of the Domain Names, which he requests be made for successive years.
  • The Registrar and rockethost.cloud have informed you adequately and are up to date with the current rules and procedures, terms and conditions, fees and method of payment and technical requirements established for the registration of domain names under ".es" with the mediation of an accredited Registrar, and accepts them in full. In particular, the Applicant declares to know the rules, procedures, terms and conditions for the Registration of a Domain Name under ".es", the content of which is available at the URL: www.nic.es
  • Knows that the breach of these rules, in the cases where it is expressly established, will mean the loss of the domain name and its possible reassignment from that moment for its registration in favor of an applicant who is legitimized for it.
  • The information provided in this application is true, except for errors or omissions in good faith.
  • You agree to always keep the information provided in this request updated, communicating any changes to the Registrar and rockethost.cloud, which will inform Red.es whenever there are changes in any of the data that must be submitted to the Registry. Failure to comply with this obligation may result in the Domain Name being deregistered (for example, due to the inability to communicate with the persons listed as responsible for the domain name, as they have not communicated in the established manner the change of their contact details or changes of managers).
  • Assumes that Red.es, in processing the different actions related to the assignment and renewal of the Domain Name, will act taking into account the data communicated by the client in the manner indicated in the previous section.
  • You are aware and assume that any falsehood in the data recorded in this application may be cause for dismissal of it or, if the Domain Name has already been assigned, it may be cause for removal of the Name and that, in this In this case, the Domain Name will be available for eventual registration by another legitimate applicant.
  • Is aware and assumes that, once the Registry communicates to the Registrar Agent that the Domain Name can be assigned or renewed to meet the requirements established for this purpose, the Registrar Agent is obliged to carry out, on behalf of the client and in the established terms, the payment of the corresponding amounts for assignment or, where appropriate, renewal, and that, in case of non-payment or insufficient payment after the established terms, the Domain Name will become available from that moment for registration to favor of a legitimate applicant, without RED.ES being able to assume any responsibility for the consequences of the breach of the obligations of the Registrar Agent towards the Applicant.
  • Is aware and assumes that the Registrar Agent exercises an intermediation function in the assignment of domain names under the ".es", and is solely and exclusively responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations stipulated in the intermediation contract for the domain name assignment. The client considers himself informed of this circumstance and expressly waives any action or claim against RED.ES derived from the breach of the obligations of the Registrar Agent.
  • You are aware and assume that, in case of serious technical negligence, a registered domain name may be temporarily or permanently terminated.
  • According to your knowledge, the use of the Domain Name does not violate the rights of third parties.
  • You are aware and assume that the assignment and registration of the Domain Name in your favor confers exclusively the right to its use, under the terms provided in the applicable regulations, for the purposes of addressing the Internet domain name system , and that any dispute over the rights to use a certain domain name must be resolved between the disputing parties using the channels legally established for this purpose.
  • Is aware and assumes that the administrative contact person indicated in the application with sufficient representation capacity for such purposes, is responsible for any problem related to the rights of use of the domain name, which is known and accepted by him.
  • Declares that all the entities and persons related to this application expressly know and consent, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, that personal data that have been provided to the Registrar Agent appear reflected in both internal and public databases maintained by RED.ES and remain in such a situation in the terms that are necessary for the management of the Registry of domain names under the ". es ”, in the terms established in & lt; & gt ;.
  • Knows and assumes that the rights of access and rectification may be exercised directly in front of rockethost.cloud or the Registrar Agent. The rights of cancellation and opposition can only be exercised after renouncing the requested domain name since the processing of personal data by Red.es is necessary for the assignment and renewal of the domain name.

RED.ES, with address at www.red.es, will observe in the treatment of personal data of the persons and entities mentioned the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Data of Personal character, and development regulations, without using them for any purpose other than that leading to the signing and renewal of the domain name. You are informed that the assignment of the domain name necessarily requires that the personal data be published in the Database of the Registry of domain names under ".es", accessible to the public through the Internet. By accepting this contract, the client gives his consent for said communication and treatment, including the publication of his personal data in the Database of the Registry of domain names under ".es".




The client accepts and authorizes rockethost.cloud to communicate to the Registration Entity Registrar.eu, the information consigned as mandatory that is necessary for the registration and maintenance of the domain name in the relevant registry, and to be incorporated into The own Directories that each of them manages, as well as, so that such data is incorporated into the proper Directory of rockethost.cloud and made available to the public (“Whois”) by incorporation on the website http: // www .rockethost.cloud.


The client consents, and where appropriate, whoever acts on his behalf as a technical, administrative and / or billing contact, that his personal data may be transferred to the aforementioned entities and those other participants in the registration process , who can collaborate with rockethost.cloud and / or with said entities.


The client affirms to have the consent of the persons designated as technical, administrative and / or billing contact for the purposes of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.


For this purpose, we inform you that the data and information of the client and / or their representatives, as the case may be, will be transmitted to the Registrar.eu Registration Entity and that they will be incorporated into the directories available to the public, will be about the following extremes:


(1) Full name, address, e-mail, telephone number, and where applicable, fax numbers of the client.
                                (2) Name of an authorized contact person if the client is a legal entity or administrative entity, and, where appropriate, the contact person responsible for administrative and / or billing tasks;
                                (3) IP addresses of the primary server and any secondary servers;
                                (4) Any additional reference to the domain name that should appear in the Whois database.


The information and data that the client enters in the form for incorporation in the corresponding Directories, may be limited or expanded, depending on the policies and standards that ICANN and the Registrar.eu Registration Entity may dictate while the domain name registration remains current.


The client can access their data and request, at any time, a copy of these that are in the possession of rockethost.cloud or the Registrar.eu Registration Entities responsible, for their revision, modification or update.                                 

For this purpose, you must access the administration panel of your domain at the following email address: http://www.rockethost.cloud


rockethost.cloud is not responsible for the use that the Registration Entities or for the access and use that third parties may make of the client's information freely accessible through the Internet.


rockethost.cloud is not responsible for possible errors caused by other participating entities throughout the domain registration and assignment process.


If for any reason the payment for the renewal of a domain with .com .net .org .info .biz .ws .tv and other international extensions before the expiration date is not paid, it will remain 25 days in status of 'Redemption Period', time in which its renewal is possible. After this period, the domain will remain registered between 15-60 additional days, being able to renew it even, but at the cost of the renewal it will be necessary to add an additional cost of 265 EUROS + VAT per domain reservation. After this period the domain will be definitively free, being able to be registered by any person or entity.


The registration of a domain with .eu extension implies acceptance of the Registration Policy of the authorized registrar Registrar.eu in addition to the following particular conditions:

Domains with a .eu extension can only be renewed when there are more than 10 days to expire.

Once there are 10 or fewer days until the domain expires, it will remain registered until the last day of the month in which the domain name has expired, after this date the domain will be in a 'quarantine' state, after these 40 days the domain will be definitely free.


Below are the conditions for some "special" domain extensions.

  • .cat - The contents of the website must be related to Catalonia
  • .pro - Failed registration will also be invoiced
  • .xxx - This extension cannot be hired to use it in a shared hosting of rockethost.cloud. Only allowed for dedicated servers and external hosting.
  • .de - It is necessary to have a physical address in Germany, we can offer an address in the Country for € 10 / Year.


The modules purchased for Prestashop through rockethost.cloud, are only guaranteed to work on our servers.
You will be solely responsible if you buy any module from us and it does not work on servers that are not our property.
All modules need resources for their operation, all modules that we sell, are only tested on our servers and not on other servers.
Returns of products are not accepted, since they are software, and not a tangible product, once sold, the amount will not be refunded under any circumstances.
The modules purchased, if not indicated otherwise, have 6 free months of updates and will be a maximum of 1 year in our system so that the customer can download it. After one year they will be eliminated.


Neither party will be responsible for the breach of the obligations derived from the contract and therefore there will be no right to compensation when said breach is due to Force Majeure. If the suspension for this circumstance is longer than 2 months, this contract may be canceled at the request of either party.


The contract will end when, in addition to the legally established causes and those set forth in the different clauses of this contract, any of the following occurs:

a) Mutual Agreement of the parties.
b) End of the initial period of duration or of the successive extensions.
c) Resolution for breach of any of the parts of the obligations derived from the Contract.
d) When any of the parties is in bankruptcy or suspension of payments.

If the breach of the client was the cause of the termination of the contract, rockethost.cloud reserves the right to terminate this contract in advance and, therefore, to dispossess the client of the contracted accommodation service / plan without prior notice and without the client having the right to compensation or refund of any amount.

In the event of termination or termination of the contract, for the aforementioned reasons or any other admitted in law, the client must fulfill the obligations assumed prior to the termination of the contract against rockethost.cloud and against third parties.

In accordance with the provisions of article 29 of law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, it will be understood that the place of formalization of the contract is:

- The customer's habitual residence as long as the customer is a consumer and resides in Spain.
- The rockethost.cloud residence for other clients.

In any case, by accepting the contract, the client expressly waives any express jurisdiction that may correspond to him, subject to common Spanish legislation.

Any controversy derived from the interpretation, application, fulfillment and execution of this contract, including any dispute related to its existence, validity or termination, as well as, in general, any question related to it, will be definitively resolved through arbitration of right


You agree to use all the services and facilities of rockethost.cloud under your responsibility. In no event will rockethost.cloud be liable for any loss, theft of data or commercial damage, including, but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages. Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold rockethost.cloud harmless from any and all claims, responsibilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney fees against rockethost.cloud, its agents, its clients and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to carry out or any product sold by the client, agents, employees or assigns. The Client agrees to defend, indemnify and maintain rockethost.cloud, against the responsibility derived from any injury to person or property caused by any product sold or distributed in connection with the rockethost.cloud servers.

rockethost.cloud reserves the right to intervene any of the sites hosted on its servers in the interest of its clients. Any material supplied by the customer that is allegedly infringing on the property rights of a third party, Auto Rights or any defective product sold to customers of shared services of rockethost.cloud. rockethost.cloud will be the sole judge of what violates this policy.


You must click on the "Register" link and fill in the fields requested by the system. The system will ask for your name, email, a password of your choice. If there is a customer with the same email, the system will ask you to change said data. You will be responsible for saving such data and never communicating it to third parties. As a client you will recognize and affirm that the data is yours, true and real by sending the registration form. As a registered user. You declare that you are of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to bind yourself by the present General Conditions of rockethost.cloud. rockethost.cloud reserves the right to cancel or cancel an account in case of inactivity for a long period of time. If you have forgotten the password or username, you have automatic systems to retrieve such data. In order to comply the established in art. 27.1.c of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), you will have technical means to identify and correct errors in the introduction of your personal data. As a registered customer you can access the control panel at any time where you can modify errors in the personal data of the account, employees or assignees. The Client agrees to defend, indemnify and maintain rockethost.cloud, against the responsibility derived from any injury to person or property caused by any product sold or distributed in connection with the rockethost.cloud servers.

rockethost.cloud reserves the right to intervene any of the sites hosted on its servers in the interest of its clients. Any material supplied by the client that is allegedly infringing on the property rights of a third party, Auto Rights or any defective product sold to clients of shared servers of rockethost.cloud. rockethost.cloud will be the sole judge of what violates this policy.

Sending opinions

By submitting an opinion on rockethost.cloud on the page enabled for this, you agree that your data (Name, surname and in case of company "Company Name") will be published to confirm the veracity of said opinion.


All services provided by rockethost.cloud may be used for lawful purposes. The transmission, storage or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any law in Spain or the country where the server is located is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material that we deem threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret and other statutes. The subscriber agrees to indemnify rockethost.cloud and its employees from any claim resulting from the use of the service that damages the subscriber or any other party. Criminal content or users are suspended from our network, usually as soon as they are discovered, although it always tells you when and why an action has been taken. Pornography is prohibited on all rockethost.cloud shared servers. This includes sites that include sexually explicit or hardcore images and / or advertising.

The subscriber acknowledges that the service provided is of such a nature that the service can be interrupted for many reasons other than the negligence of the company and that the damages resulting from any interruption of the service are difficult to determine. Therefore, the subscriber accepts that rockethost.cloud will not be responsible for the damages derived from such causes beyond the direct and exclusive control of the company.

The subscriber understands and accepts that the liability of the company for its own negligence may not exceed in any case an amount equivalent to the expenses borne by service subscribers during the period of damage occurred. In no case will the company be responsible for any special or consequential damage, loss or injury.

Illegality in any form, including but not limited to the distribution or unauthorized copying of copyrighted software or other data, harassment, fraud, trafficking in obscene material. Certain types of undesirable content are not allowed on our network. We do not host adult content of any description. Hacking, Cracking, Warez and IRC content is not allowed. Software, audio and video downloads can only be received if you are the writer and owner of the resource rights or who have the right to distribute the materials. Accounts suspended due to AUP content or violation are not returned under any circumstances.


The following scripts are prohibited from use on our servers and cannot be loaded or run. Reasons for its prohibition include adverse effects on server load, invitations to hackers / spammers / criminal activity, etc.

  • IRC egg drops
  • Proxy servers
  • Mail bombers
  • Anonymous mailers
  • IP spoofers
  • Port scanners
  • Hivemail
  • Telnet or SSH Access Scripts
  • nph-proxy (and other scripts what operates like proxy)
  • UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board, all versions)
  • lstmrge.cgi
  • phpShell
  • FormMail.cgi, FormMail.pl from Matt’s Script Archive are not allowed.


rockethost.cloud will not be responsible for any damages, including incidental and consequential damages, that arise from the rockethost.cloud servers are offline or unavailable for any reason. Furthermore, rockethost.cloud will not be liable for any damages, including incidental or consequential damages, resulting from the corruption or deletion of any website from one of rockethost.cloud's servers. All damages will be limited to immediate termination of service.


rockethost.cloud is not responsible for system crashes, accidents, or data loss. We cannot be responsible for any predicted estimates of the benefits a customer would have obtained if their site were operating. Certain services provided by rockethost.cloud are resold. Thus, certain equipment, routing, software and programming used by rockethost.cloud are not directly owned or written by rockethost.cloud. Furthermore, rockethost.cloud declines all responsibility for the use of our customer accounts. If any of the terms or conditions are not met, the account in question will be automatically deactivated. We reserve the right to remove any account without notice, for any reason without refund as rockethost.cloud deems appropriate. PLUS, rockethost.cloud reserves the right to modify any or all of the above policies, guidelines and legal without prior notice.


rockethost.cloud uses FraudRecord to detect new requests for fraudulent activity and to receive reports from our customers that violate our terms of use. In case of violation, you can be reported to FraudRecord for misconduct.


rockethost.cloud owns all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, know-how and any other rights related to the contracted service / hosting plan, as well as the computer programs necessary for its implementation and the information it obtains on it. The client must respect the programs of use by third parties made available to them by rockethost.cloud even if they were free. The client, by virtue of this contract, does not acquire absolutely any right or license regarding the service / hosting plan, the computer programs necessary for the provision of the service, nor the technical information for monitoring the service, except for the rights and licenses necessary for the fulfillment of this contract and only for the duration thereof. For any action that exceeds the fulfillment of this contract, you will need written authorization from rockethost.cloud.


All information or documentation that any of the parties contributes to the other in development and execution of this contract will be considered confidential and exclusive of whoever contributes it and will not be able to communicate. It will only be used to provide the contracted services. To comply with this condition, the rockethost.cloud Management will give precise instructions to all technical personnel with access. This confidentiality will continue after the end of the contract.

Regarding the personal data hosted in any of the hosting plans, rockethost.cloud complies with current regulations, with special attention to the LOPD.
The technical team of rockethost.cloud has the obligation not to access said data, unless it is necessary for the operation of the contracted service or as requested by the client himself, in which case rockethost.cloud will keep complete confidentiality of the data.

Once the contract has ended, the data will be stored for an additional 15 days during which the client will have access, after this period they will be permanently deleted.


rockethost.cloud reserves the right to modify, develop or update at any time and without prior notice the conditions of use of this website. The visitor and user will be automatically bound by the conditions of use that are in force at the time they access the web, so they must periodically read these conditions of use.


The data would be processed in accordance with the principle of protection of personal data established by Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data. For this case, it is already formally announced that the right of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation of the personal data that may be requested if it is in relation to a file destined for not exclusively personal activities that, where appropriate, could be expressly provided be established and that it would be registered and identified as ordered by the Law.

All controversies or claims arising from the interpretation or execution of this Legal Notice will be governed by Spanish law and will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals.